Day 101 of Traveling the World, Pollard Flat, CA. May 12, 2018.

Small, tiny, Pollard Flat is off I-5 in Northern California, a small restaurant and gas station. Great food, and oh….Gertie. When you open the door to the unisex restroom, you gasp, startled into thinking you have interrupted another occupant of the restroom. Everyone outside in the restaurant laughs, as they just wait for first-timers to encounter Gertie. She has been bathing, fully clothed, for 50 years. It is a location big with truckers, and generations of families bring their children here for the great food and to meet Gertie. Once, the owner paid a woman $100 to take Gertie’s place and scare the daylights out of the truckers when they saw “the mannequin” moving!