Day 117 of Traveling the World, Anchorage, Alaska. May 28, 2018.

Flightseeing was a new term to us, but we booked a flight on this Memorial Day afternoon to fly over five glaciers and get out of the city in a different way. Anchorage itself is mainly accessible via boat or plane. The original name for the city, chosen by its residents, was Alaska City, Alaska. But the postmaster liked Anchorage, so that was that. While not the capital city, it is by far the largest, with a population of 300,000 and an area the size of Delaware!

The first photo is amazing in that it looks like a sunny park in spring anywhere, but it is in Anchorage, where even in May temperatures can be quite chilly. The third photo was from a trolley tour of the city, and shows the entrance to an underground home where you can access all three stories by walking down a staircase into the ground. The other photos are of the glaciers and mountains, mostly. One photo show how meandering the streams are, completely zigzagging across the land. The next-to-last photo is of a river where beluga whales are often spotted, as they follow the salmon upstream to snare some dinner. The flight was amazing and beautiful. It is very wild in the mountains and glaciers surrounding Anchorage.