Day 189 of Traveling the World, Key West, FL. August 8, 2018.

Quirky. Funny. Happy. Key West has a great sense of humor! It is Party City, right up there with Las Vegas and New Orleans. Key West was our first entry on this blog, but there is only one picture and no commentary, as we didn’t yet know what we were doing, nor quite how this website worked. But today is different….both lots of photos AND descriptions of them!

We have visited Key West several times, and it is normally too hot here to think about anything but air conditioning. Today, there was a lovely breeze all morning and into the afternoon, so walking around was really pleasant.

The photos show some quirky fake animals as well as a family of chickens, which roam around freely. The fourth photo is of a bar with enough currency from all different countries to pay off the mortgage! The photo after that reads, “U.S. flags protected by bat-swinging crazy (really) New Yorker – break or remove at your own risk!” It sounds like he has had it. The police car’s motto is “Protecting and Serving Paradise”….and there are many signs welcoming visitors to Paradise. If only it weren’t so humid and devastatingly hot!

Do you love the tree with a heart it built into its trunk? And there is an old Packard we saw in an almost-hidden driveway, along with some bananas, gorgeous red flowers, and some of the tropical houses along the way. My favorite food in the world is potato and cheese pierogies, which we don’t eat any more since going on a low-carb diet. But then we stumbled upon Pierogi Polish Market in Key West, of all places. No, we did not partake. But I wanted to. Finally, there is the picture of the ecclesial coat of arms we took at the Basilica. We thought it most interesting that it contains both a conch shell and a palm tree! Somehow, you expect it to have more “churchy” items on it. We were delighted at the whimsy! And how about the old Strand Theater, newly remodeled and now a Walgreens? Is it not fabulous? Finally, the last photo is looking down Duval Street, the main drag. The best thing to do is walk its 14 blocks…the only place in the US where, on one street, you can walk from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico! So fun. Quirky. Funny. Happy.