Day 194 of Traveling the World, Ocho Rios, Jamaica. August 13, 2018.

So, does this port in Jamaica have eight rivers, which is the translation of the name? Nope. The indigenous natives called the city Las Chorreras, and the British heard it as Ocho Rios, put it on maps, and that became its name. Water sports and the beach are why you come here….snorkeling, diving, swimming, tanning, even fishing. But don’t come for the downtown. The shops are a mix of 80 percent jewelry and 20 percent souvenirs, with not much else. Mike had said that when he was here 20 years ago, he was amazed by the number of shops with the name Cool Runnings, after the movie about the Jamaican bobsled team. In a small strip mall in this tiny downtown, there were TWO stores with the name Cool Runnings. Also rampant 20 years ago were offers of marijuana for purchase, constantly and all the time. We encountered none of that today. We WERE asked about 30 times in 30 minutes if we wanted a taxi or a tour “at a low price,” but once we declined, we were left alone by that person, at least. The Caribbean is just gorgeous, of course, and the turquoise blue water is very inviting.