Day 203 of Traveling the World, New York City, NY – Part 1. August 22, 2018.

The hustle! The bustle! The sheer excitement of being in Manhattan and Times Square! We love every part of being in New York again, one of our favorite places on the planet. It is the first time we were here in the summer, and it truly is more crowded and more frenetic. As always, we spend a lot of time looking UP, as the architecture from years past always included carvings and statues and various features that just bring a smile to our faces. We had our first night’s dinner at Junior’s, our favorite New York deli. We easily walked in and got a table, but by the time we were leaving, the waiting area was choked with probably 30 people wanting a table. We ended with one of our first real desserts in many months, low-carb, sugar-free plain cheesecake. With a cup of coffee, it tasted like heaven!