Day 256 of Traveling the World, Somewhere Between Sedona and Scottsdale, AZ on Interstate 17. October 14, 2018.

šŸŽ¶ Riding along in my automobile…šŸŽµ

As we drove down the interstate, we saw our first saguaro of this trip, and had to stop for photos of it, along with the gorgeous clouds and mountains. Then we saw more, and more, so…more and more photos!

Saguaros only grow in this part of the world, in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, northern Mexico, and a small corner of California, and we always enjoy seeing them. Saguaros have a lifespan of about 150 years, and they are able to hold enormous amounts of water to hold them through drought, often weighing up to 4,800 lbs. No rain today, just sunshine pouring down through big, fluffy clouds. A gorgeous day…