Day 341 of Traveling the World, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. January 7, 2019.

Okay, so Tasmania DELIVERED today….we saw a Tasmanian Devil!!!…..see the last photo.

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania. The journey to the city took us up a gorgeous channel, the Derwent River, and it ends in Sullivan’s Cove, with the city spreading every which way from there and across the river, joined by the Tasman Bridge. Its harbor forms the second-deepest natural port in the world. The weather is gorgeous, about 68 degrees today, breezy and sunny, and it never snows, as the temperature over an entire year ranges from 40-72 degrees Fahrenheit. As far as native sons, the only person we have heard of is Errol Flynn, born in Hobart in 1909.

We found the city very walkable and very friendly. Both here and in Australia, we found that if we were seeking a particular item that a retailer did not have, the clerks were very generous in recommending a neighboring store that might have the item. Everyone is very down-to-earth. The first two photos are early morning shots of the river and the cove, taken from the ship. Then there is the carving outside the art center that we choose to believe is a monkey! It is followed by a photo of the pedestrian mall on Elizabeth Street, and one of our favorite-named shops in the world: The Reject Shop. We would call it a dollar store or discount store, but their name is superior! And the final picture is of the Tasmanian Devil…it says it right there!!