Day 419 of Traveling the World, Chinatown, Republic of Singapore. March 27, 2019.

So many large cities have a Chinatown district, and Singapore is no different. We found temples locked away on small streets, market stalls, and gorgeous colonial architecture here dating to the 18th/19th centuries. In the first few photos you will see a stunning Buddhist temple (shoes off before entering!) and some of the typical streets and architecture dating to England’s rule of 144 years in Singapore. Check out the top of the third photo, Park Royal Hotel….it has several floors with trees and vegetation interspersed with rooms! So pretty!

Then, of course, you can see the “usual” Chinatown offerings….dried squid, a particularly frightening mask, whole roasted suckling pigs, whole roasted ducks (beaks and all), roasted wings, and double boiled silver fungus in rock sugar…? (sometimes you are better off not knowing!).

The last two photos play on a loop on the subway monitors. In general, the videos play helpful info on what to do in a terrorist attack and run a reminder to give up your seat to elderly persons. But we saw the video referred to in the photos three years ago, and it is still playing! A woman is ascending on an escalator when a man reaches up and pinches her backside. Then, he starts running once he gets off the escalator. The police chase, tackle, and cuff him. They say, “Sir, you are under arrest for Outrage of Modesty.” The next screen says, “Molest is a crime.” It is funny that the wording is so awkward, since English is one of Singapore’s official languages!