Day 573 of Traveling the World, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic. September 7, 2019.

Here we go again! We are a little obsessed with Prague, mostly because we wish we had scheduled more time here. But we will return for a longer period of time in the future and indulge our Czech obsession.

There are two famous towers in Prague, and they are shown in the first two photos. The Powder Tower at night is most dramatic and imposing, as shown in the first photo. Henry’s Tower, with the clock, shown in the second photo during the day, is equally dramatic. Both have those famous Prague spires! The third photo is a repeat of yesterday’s first photo, but shown at night…realize that there are no lights on the spires; the gold “helmets” gleaming are just reflecting the light. Pretty nice, huh?

The next two photos are of St. Giles Church, where we attended a concert last night of famous organ toccatas (by Bach, Boellmann, and Widor) along with a string quartet playing some audience favorites such as Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons and Ravel’s Bolero. If you love movies, and have a really sharp eye, you will recognize St. Giles as the setting for Mozart’s wedding in Amadeus! After the church is a shot of the National Museum, which sits at the end of Wenceslas Square, which really is just a grand avenue of shops, parks with benches, and restaurants, as seen in context in the photo that follows it.

And, of course, what else could follow all of that except some gorgeous buildings from around the city that caught our eyes? And the last photo, which is usually our favorite due to subject matter or playfulness, is one of this guy hanging around as we approached the church for last night’s concert.