Day 588 of Traveling the World, Klaipeda, Lithuania. September 22, 2019.

Klaipeda, Lithuania is a port city on the Baltic Sea and is close to many large cities and world capitals. It is just south of Riga, Latvia, and Tallinn, Estonia; around the corner from Helsinki, Finland, and St. Petersburg, Russia; and just across the Baltic from Stockholm, Sweden, and Copenhagen, Denmark. Shipping and trading over the centuries ensured that ports in each country were available all along the sea.

We have only a few photos, as there was a bit of rain on and off while we were here. The photos are of the Drama Theater and the square it is in, along with two shots of one of the canals along the Baltic and a shot along one of the major streets in Old Town. We caught a woman wearing skeleton garb crossing the street, but we think it is her everyday coat, not in anticipation of Halloween. It is quite cold here in the northern parts of Europe, and has been since we entered Poland two weeks ago. Everyone is wearing long pants, sweaters, and jackets, even though it was technically summer until two days ago!

The second and third pictures from the end are from breakfast yesterday. One of several items we ordered was scrambled eggs. You can see the menu entry for scrambled eggs for 2.5 euros, along with what you can order with it. When the eggs came, they were as shown in the following photo. We told the server that they were not scrambled eggs. Startled, she asked what they were, as nobody had ever told her that. We told her they would be called fried eggs, or sunny side up. She burst out laughing and said….what??? We explained how the yolk looked like a sun, and it hit her. She ran to get some paper and a pen so that she could write down all these wonderful (crazy?) American terms and present them to her boss so that he could fix the menu!

The last picture is in the Klaipeda Central Bus Station…get your ice milky shake here…except, if you look closely at the offerings, it is all types of coffee drinks and one water!