Day 621 of Traveling the World, Valencia, Spain. October 25, 2019. Part 2.

We wanted to focus on newer places and things in Part 2 of this fascinating city. The City of Arts and Sciences was constructed between 1998 and 2005, and is a marvelous city within the city. It is a series of huge buildings, and is on a list as one of the 12 Treasures of Spain. You can walk on a path along the buildings and just gape at their architecture, or, farther over, you can walk through a beautiful park while looking. These are just “some” of the buildings, including a science museum, concert hall, oceanarium…all unique, and all in a row. You may not be able to tell, but the exterior facades are covered in millions of tiny mosaic pieces. The man atop the building in Photo 3, also shown in Photo 4, didn’t seem to be tethered from where we stood! He most likely was, but we couldn’t tell.

Following those photos are some cute retail shops we saw, statues, an urban walkway, some hanging glass scapes, and a restaurant tile. We came across a lot of green space, parks, and hundreds of palm trees, which of course make the city cooler but also make it so pleasant for walking. Following those are some photos of the wide, sandy beach, the Mediterranean, and the Promenade walkway that stretches a long, long distance. The last photo was taken from the outdoor restaurant patio of our hotel where we enjoyed breakfast this morning. We were delighted that a large sand castle was right in front of us. Nobody was around (yet) on the beach, and it was so quiet and calm…a perfect breakfast!