Day 624 of Traveling the World, Madrid, Spain. October 28, 2019.

It is hard to believe, but look at these gorgeous, elaborate buildings in Madrid….and then we will tell you this: they were all taken in a half-hour aimless walk! We saw building after building that was amazing and calling out to be photographed. For several, following the first photo, we have included a closeup of the rich detail on top of the building. There is also a photo of the main gate and entrance to Buen Retiro Park (Park of the Pleasant Retreat), which we will explore more in the next few days. It has several different theme gardens, a puppet theater, monuments, and a lake for boating…and it is completely surrounded by the City of Madrid!

We love the building with a team of horses atop it, as well as the one with two nude women lounging way up high! More to come on Madrid…after all, this is just the first 30 minutes!