Day 742 of Traveling the World, Huatulco, Mexico. February 13, 2020.

A peaceful fishing village. Huatulco looks like it has been totally untouched by the drug cartels or any modernization. There are gorgeous beaches as you depart the ship, and small boats will happily take you to some of the other nearby deserted beaches that are not accessible by foot.

Huatulco is at the junction where the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. There is a thriving coffee industry here and all kinds of water sports and boat excursions. Lots of beer on offer. Mike went scuba diving today, so I explored the village and took some photos.

The beach and ocean view photos come first…a spectacular, and warm, day as we venture farther and farther south. Notice the houses built on the hill in the second photo, with a great view of the bay below. Next up are three views of the local Catholic church, the Chapel of Santa Cruz. We show the entrance photo, the one as you exit into the square, and a peek at the gorgeous, open-air interior. The glass windows behind the main altar display a glimpse of our ship, the ms Rotterdam, and the window to the right shows the bay. Wouldn’t it be great to have that view when your mind wanders in church? Only in rare instances, of course! After that are some shots around the tiny village…the Crazy Habanero Restaurant, the umbrella canopy, and other views. There was a lovely small park with a cafe, and everybody was sitting on the benches provided…but only those in the shade! The local hotel is painted a dark gold color with red trim, as the farther south you travel, the more vibrant and outrageous (in a good way!) the pretty color schemes. The only other hotel right in the village is a Holiday Inn.

There weren’t really any funny signs, but we end with a cart of fresh pineapples filled with pineapple juice and served with a straw, ready for drinking!