Day 1,293 of Traveling the World, San Francisco – Part 3. August 16, 2021.

We are continuing to really love this beautiful, interesting City by the Bay. The restaurants continue to enthrall us. Between buses and Ubers, as well as a lot of walking, we have gone everywhere we want to go. The people are very friendly and very kind. In so many ways, it is a polite and gentle city.

We enjoyed two live theater performances during our stay. One was a play, The Song of Summer, by San Francisco native Lauren Yee. The very surprising thing about this show was that the entirety of the action takes place in Pottsville, PA – the county seat of Jan’s hometown (about 10 miles away), and the “big city” where people shopped for special, or big, items. The people seated beside us laughed when they told them how shocked we were, as they thought Pottsville was a fictional locale!

The other show we enjoyed very much was the smash hit, Hamilton. We saw it at the beautiful Orpheum Theater, and it was a top-rate production. We had been afraid that we wouldn’t enjoy the rap music dimension, but discovered that it incorporates many different musical genres. There was also a good bit of humor and a good deal of cheekiness! There is so much energy in both the singing and dancing that we wondered if the performers had to have their costumes tailored every week to compensate for the weight they lose by all that movement! It was a great production.

The photos below are of architecture, signs, street art, and buildings that we liked around the city. In other words…the “usual” on this blog. We like to save our favorite photo for last, and today’s is no exception. It is hard to believe that the man holding the sign believes in that message so fervently that he stands on that corner for several hours a day, every day. We, on the other hand, have no idea what he is trying to say. Sounds very interesting, though.

San Francisco Civic Center
Bactrian camel from the Tang Dynasty, 690-750 AD. Asian Art Museum.
The Buddhist deity Simhavaktra, the lion-headed skywalker. Asian Art Museum.
Set of Indonesian puppets, the best-known performing arts tradition in Indonesia. Asian Art Museum.
Hamilton – at the Orpheum Theater
The gorgeous interior of the Orpheus Theater
View of the Bay Bridge, taken from the SF Ferry Building
Street art along Market Street
Loving his HAT!!!
One of several different banners/signs announcing the Transgender District
We love the early 20th Century architecture
A building with Moorish-influenced architecture
A goofy sign – we have no idea what it means
A cutie!
This sculpture, and the next, are outside the Academy of Art University, housed in the former First Congregational Church
An example of the beautiful ornamentation they used to add to buildings
American Conservatory Theater
American Conservatory Theater, closeup of detail
How fun!
We found her in a store window….
…along with her spouse!
A bridal salon…it looks like a jewel box from down the street
A fountain with a Green Goddess
There was a steep staircase adjoining this sign
Pretty street art on a coffee shop in North Beach
This looks more like a sculpture than an abandoned, stripped bicycle
An unusual restaurant name and pairing
Love the name! It just sounds Ooey Gooey, or like it is owned by Huey, Louey, and Dewey.
A great ending to today’s photos. We have no words and no comment. Here is what the sign says: McKinley. NBC: Attempted Murders. Committed against his testicle. Ruling 900 galaxies. Populations 100 zillion.