Day 1,306 of Traveling the World, Grand Junction, Colorado. August 29, 2021.

Grand Junction was a one-night stop for us on our cross-country road trip. Normally, we would just have dinner, stay the night, and leave, without seeing any sights. But we walked out of our hotel on “historic Main Street” to have dinner and walked into a four-block summer fair/farmer’s market, so we had to wander through. Along the way, we discovered that downtown Grand Junction is dotted with artwork that is whimsical and beautiful. So, photos were in order and hence, this blog.

There were many fruit and produce stands, and the nectarines we purchased were at their absolute peak: juicy, sweet, and delicious. We found worms for sale, as you can see in the photo, and we ran into rainbow-haired Nicky and asked if we could feature her on our blog. We loved looking over and seeing all the colors of her coiffure. The weather was sunny and warm, and the people all very friendly. We wished we had planned to stay longer!

The Hog and the Hen had some great locally made ice cream, one with chunks of bacon!
The downtown Farmer’s Market stretched for many blocks
There was also a large crate of dirt with live worms wriggling around…some kids were digging for creepy-crawlies, others were doing their best to avoid them
We met Nicky roaming around the Farmer’s Market, who said she dyed her hair herself and has been doing so for half of her life, since she was 14
He looks vicious, but he bent down to talk to all the children who approached him and was doing the best he could to counteract the effect his costume was having on them
Somehow, these cute trees looked so fragile, with their tiny clump of greenery and thin trunks in massive, chunky vases
More of the fun artwork in Downtown Grand Junction
He was played by Brian Cranston in the 2015 movie, Trumbo. But here, he is just himself, enshrined forever in a bathtub in the city where he lived
The ant sure looks happy to see that some of the apple was left for him/her
There is a big cycling community in Colorado
A beautiful woman
A downtown sculpture, Slow Dance, by Gene Adcock
We enjoyed this sign, posted outside our Irish dinner restaurant, the Goat and Clover.