Day 1,310 of Traveling the World, Des Moines, Iowa. September 2, 2021.

Well, we – and you – deserve this post, after a year and a half of quarantine, yearning for something to smile about and just enjoy. This will be our least serious post ever, but so fun.

Des Moines was a curiously deserted place. Walking the streets, we honestly passed maybe 3-4 other people. There weren’t many cars. Our huge hotel lobby was always…empty. We encountered nobody in the hotel hallways. Seriously, it felt like there had been – A ZOMBIE ATTACK! The population of Des Moines was decimated!!

We ate dinner at the Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, and encountered one of the best-decorated horror-themed places ever. We have a great love for horror movies, so this was perfect for us! We talked to a very gregarious and affable employee named Donnie, who took it upon himself to walk us around the restaurant and bar and show us all the zombie/horror memorabilia. He noted that George, the owner, has been collecting items over the life of the restaurant and keeps adding to the decor. We found it very fun, very tongue-in-cheek. Donnie did note that during the pandemic, this restaurant stayed open and helped keep the city supplied with food. It is very good food too.

The second photo shows Mike’s choice of dinner…the Undead Elvis, consisting of peanut butter, fried bananas, bacon, an egg, and cheese. Anything peanut butter, and Mike is right there! It actually tasted quite decent, as weird a combo of ingredients as that is. Jan opted for Soylent Greens (a salad) and some very good chili. The photos that follow are just to scroll through and a feast for your eyes, IF you like fun horror items. If not, cover your eyes and peek!

The outdoor restaurant sign
The Undead Elvis in all its glory
The menu. We liked “goremet” – brain freeze – and, of course, soylent greens!
A zombie in neon lights
…and another!
The greeters – not unlike those at Walmart
The zombie mural, by a local artist, featuring local residents!
Are YOU zombie-friendly?
Sitting in the peanut gallery
Let them in!
He would prefer the red over the yellow…
Another part of the mural
What a fun bar!
Iowa is Surly? More like – Iowa is Deserted!
A bit more of the bar
Papier-mache masks
Part of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space collection. We met the Chiodo brothers, who made that movie, at Monsterpalooza one year.
An actual wicker coffin obtained by George the owner
The glass is broken??
Creepy babies and a dog skeleton
Closeup of characters from the bar
New movies? “Bleak is the Future” – “Lord of the Rotten” – “Breakfast IS Tiffany” – and a tribute to George Romero (whom we met one time on an elevator – very nice and personable, as are all the notables connected with horror movies)
Good advice to end THIS post!