Day 1,395 of Traveling the World | Huntington Beach, CA | November 26, 2021

Oh, Boy! OH, GIRL! What a perfect day for driving along, and walking around, the beach! We lived in a house in Huntington Beach for many years before we sold it to travel the world four years ago. It is one of the best areas in the world to live, but we were very happy to be free from owning a house anywhere. Like we did today, we can always go back and enjoy it for a while before we move on to some other spectacular place.

Today felt like the middle of summer, 80 degrees, sunny, and so clear that we could see Catalina Island perfectly. We also saw lots of cargo ships waiting offshore, as reported on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago. The surfers were out, and Main Street was closed for a block. We thought it was for the weekend Farmer’s Market, but it was just for all the extended outdoor patio seating. That is one thing that has changed since we were last here.

We know that most of California is not coastal, as the Central Valley produces much of the fruit and vegetables to feed the US during the winter. But being in California and not being close to the beach and ocean just seems crazy to us. Driving on Pacific Coast Highway is one of the great joys of our traveling life whenever we are back in Southern California. In just a few days we have driven along the ocean several times, and we fall in love with the view – the gloriousness – each and every time.

The beach, the waves, the ocean, container ships, and Catalina as the backdrop, along with a clear blue sky. November??? No way!
Palm trees, lots of sand, beach volleyball, blue skies, and people. November?? This is crazy!
Snowflake Christmas decorations on the pier, beach volleyball, and a perfect, blue, calm ocean.
Bikers, walkers, people watchers, volleyball players, and the Huntington Beach pier, with Catalina as the backdrop.
She caught a wave! But the ocean was pretty calm…only tiny ripples, really. San Pedro and stationary cargo ships are visible behind her.
Waiting, waiting, waiting…but not much happening. Catalina Island is visible in this photo, also. There is an old song that says Catalina is 26 miles across the sea. We heard an interview by the man who wrote it many years ago who said the distance just fit well in the song, and he really didn’t know exactly how far off shore it is.
View from the end of the pier toward shore. Wouldn’t you just love to live in that white apartment complex on the left?? We would, but only for a week or two….too much of the world yet to visit!
The air temperature (80 degrees), water temperature (60 degrees), and surf conditions. Locals call it the Surf Report! You can see the hand – and green fingernail – of the nice lady in the information booth who took it off its mounting so we could get a better picture.
A sidewalk sale for Black Friday. But honestly, they seem to have sidewalk sales several times a month in downtown Huntington.
Main Street, closed off for extended restaurant seating. Believe it or not, one restaurant has installed cloth-covered BOOTHS rather than tables and chairs! We haven’t seen that anywhere on our travels.
A Huntington Beach/Surf City surf board
The Surf Museum, along with a surfing dude!
Two blocks and a wide beach away from the ocean, and you can STILL see Catalina Island! Amazing!