Day 1,524 of Traveling the World | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | April 5, 2022

Traveling again! Hooray! Cabo San Lucas is a typical port town, with the area around the cruise ship terminal as busy as can be. After about two years with no passengers, everyone was trying to make a buck (or a peso). Cabo sits on the southerly tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, and it was warm and sunny. Mike went on a diving trip and Jan wandered around the busy streets, having involved conversations with a Moroccan woman and an Israeli woman, both working the crowd.

It is lovely to be traveling internationally again, outside of the US for the first time in two years. We used some of the Spanish phrases that we have been studying our entire lives, but more intensively on our Duolingo app during the pandemic, keeping our minds engaged and all. We are having a great time, just relaxing and being somewhere other than a hotel room! Everyone working on the cruise ship is happy to be working and sailing again. We have about 3,300 passengers on board the Majestic Princess, which began service in 2017. It is like new, since it hasn’t been used for the past two years. Cabin doors are opened with a plastic imbedded “medallion” worn around your neck – as you approach your door, it detects the medallion, knows it is you, and unlocks the door. It is also how you pay for anything on board, and how you exit and reenter the ship. A quick tap on a sensor is all you need.

One thing new for us is partaking of Specialty Dining, as we were given three free vouchers on this cruise. We normally eat whatever is available in the dining room or buffet, but the upscale menus are not hard to get accustomed to! Filet mignon, lobster, porterhouse steak…what’s not to like??? It all is just so nice to be – somewhere else!

This is an iconic image of the tail end of Cabo San Lucas, taken from our balcony on the cruise ship.
“Sorry, we are open!” We love that. It is also interesting that it is the only bar in Mexico we have ever encountered that advertises “Fun, Food, and Clothes” but not alcohol. Yikes!
This is the Marina at the cruise port. It just looked like a jumble of boats.
Pretty, shady areas like this lined the walkway.
This looks like a Board Meeting….surfboards, that is!
Marlin or swordfish? We have no idea…..
We liked this teeny-tiny bar, with a simple name: CORONA
Cabo was very colorful and vibrant, with even this ATM machine decorated with Mexican art motifs.
Air tanks? Check. Wet suits? Check. Dive masters? Check. So, it must be a dive boat ready to depart for deeper waters. This is the boat on which Mike went diving, and the dive sites were less than 10 minutes from the port. The water was cold, but the visibility was not great. There there were a fair number of colorful fish around, but nothing unusual. The dive master said that October is a better month for diving. But just to be diving again was terrific.
They take care of some women’s greatest need….entertaining a bored husband who doesn’t want to enter one more shop. It doesn’t pertain to us, since we can’t buy anything, AND we are never bored – but it is there if needed.