Day 1,540 of Traveling the World | Cozumel, Mexico | April 20, 2022

Wellll….okay, this port, technically, IS Cozumel, but it is not really the city. It a little village manufactured for cruise ships – bars, restaurants, and retail (overwhelmingly jewelry). Jan couldn’t find a way to get out onto the street to see the “real” place, as every exit from the port to the outside world said “Taxis only” or “Excursions only.” Mike went on a diving trip, and had to argue with (and then ignore) a security guard to exit the port area through a “taxi exit.” It was very “Twilight Zone.”

Interestingly, we normally go through security when we are boarding the ship again so that they can ensure nothing illegal is being brought on board. But as we entered the port area of Cozumel, for the first time ever, there was a dog checking out every single passenger headed into the country, most likely for fruits, vegetables, and plants, as insects on them can decimate a country’s crops. We had to wait in line so that everyone entered in single file. It was a unique experience. Anyway, these photos show our time in Cozumel. The first photo shows the three – yes, three – monster ships in port on the same day, two Royal Caribbean and one Carnival. This means that somewhere around 10,000 people were entering Cozumel just from cruise ships!

All sorts of things were for sale, as you will see. We loved the varying prices on Mexican blankets. Forty years ago, when Jan first moved to California, she and a group of friends took a trip to Tijuana. They walked over the land bridge, and at the first booth, Jan looked through the Mexican blankets to see the various colors. The shopkeeper approached and told her they were $10. It sounded reasonable, but Jan told him she had just arrived and wanted to see what other places had. She turned to walk away, and he said, “Okay, $8.” Jan was embarrassed that he thought she was bargaining with him, and she apologized and said, “Oh, no, no, I wasn’t looking to get it cheaper; I just want to look around.” As she turned again, he said, “$6.” Once again, she tried to explain that she wanted to look around, horrified that he thought she was being cheap. As she left, he yelled after her, “$3!” She turned around, sighed, and said, “Okay, I’ll take the red one.” As you will see in the photos, the price for the Mexican blanket hasn’t changed much in 40 years!

There was a long line of people waiting their turn for a photo with the city name!
Margaritaville – and Jaws!
Two cute chairs that the kids loved.
Anything and everything is now imprinted on hats!
A lovely buncha coconuts!
Lucha Libre masks and Day of the Dead skulls were everywhere.
Senor Frog’s is in every Mexican port.
…and Senor Frog’s was jammed, with a waiting list! Look at the crazy color of blue water alongside the restaurant!
All that donkey, and all he is selling is a few plastic fish!
Hmmmmm…smoking a cigar, grasping a bottle of booze, with a holstered gun, and stepping on a skull in front of a tequila store. What exactly are they trying to sell, again?
A photo of Mike, just before his dive boat left for the day!
We sincerely doubt that the tacos get anywhere near that stuffed, but advertisements always make food look bigger, juicier, and worth the fortune you will spend on it.
One of the larger mariachi bands we have seen, with seven musicians and quite a large collection basket. Wishful thinking?
The rummiest rum cake in the Caribbean! We thought this little store was so cute and clean!
Seriously – have you ever sent your kids into a tequila store to get ice cream?
Quite an array of – everything? Skulls and masks, fish and bowls, plates and purses, lizards, and even a rhino! It is like word search, but with objects. Can you find the crucified head of Jesus? It’s there!!!
Jewelry, jewelry everywhere….
…and yet more. And of course, every shopkeeper wants you to “come in MY store. I have such a deal for you!”
Pirana Joe is a shirt company…fun logo.
The three ships in port, again….
…but notice the crystal clear water!
These Mexican blankets are 2 for $10 or 1 for $6…
…while these identical Mexican blankets are $4 each…
…and these Mexican blankets are the cheapest we saw…$3.99!
Some of the divers, and the dive master, on Mike’s diving trip. Do they look happy to be out on the water, or what? The dive company is called Dive with M.E., owned by a nice woman by the name of Marie-Elaine. Get it?
The gorgeous view as the dive boat left the dock.
As Harry Nilsson sang, “Put the rum in the cocodrilo.” Um, that doesn’t sound quite right, though! Mike was surprised to see the sign and saw it after diving. He asked the dive guide if they really had crocodiles and was told that they do see them at night in the Marina.