Day 1,544 of Traveling the World | Costa Maya, Mexico | April 25, 2022

Like other “manufactured” tourist ports in Mexico, we didn’t really visit Costa Maya at this cruise stop. We visited a shopping mall, made to look like a Mayan village, but with a swimming pool, retail shops, bars, and fake sculptures and statues. It was fun to walk around and get some shots, but it isn’t as though there was anything historical or cultural about it. So, all we can say is…enjoy the photos and a little trip around an area of Mexico consisting of some fun ideas!

The “caught” Costa Maya croc!
Bad to the bone.
A cart of fresh, green, coconuts. These were real, not plastic.
NOT a cart of monkeys…just stenciling to evoke old times.
Some of the ceiling paintings. They did take care of tiny details when they constructed this mall.
“Mayan Healing Rituals.” This is their fancified term for – a massage parlor!
Have you ever had a massage in a hammock…with someone digging their feet into your back and thighs? Neither have we! It looks heavenly.
We can’t think of anyone, ever, looking to buy jewelry and asking where the tungsten and titanium counter was!
Four acrobats at the top of a 40-foot-tall pole that they climbed…..
…and then let go, twirled around and around, and slowly descended back to earth.
This is the pool at the center of the shopping area, complete with waterfall jets and rope walkways across the top.
All kinds of statues for sale, with Our Lady of Guadalupe, to boot.
Yep, the place had its own aviary, and as you can see on the sign, the Kakaw Chocolate Factory. It sounds unappetizing until you realize it is taken from the word “cacao.”
In the center is one of three cruise ships in port, along with crystal clear blue water and a bar/restaurant on the right.
A small area where you could “swim with the dolphins.” We felt sorry for the dolphins, meant to be skipping through the ocean, living their lives….but confined to a small pool to make money for their captors.
We thought it was funny that a reindeer was being sold in a place that never gets below 70 degrees Fahrenheit!
This wall of old Mexican movie posters was fun…especially the one on the far right. It says the people shown are saints in the wax museum…and include the Wolfman and Frankenstein!
The cart? Tequila. The name of the bar? “The Blessed.” Enough said.
Someone found the Mayan Lost Kingdom? Archaeologists would be most interested. How convenient that it is right near the gift shops.
This inflatable cheeseburger has two white handles on the top bun…meant to be a flotation device.
There were three people dressed in native regalia, in the heat, trying to make a buck. We took some photos and gave them a few bucks.
Typical architecture around the shopping village.
A bottle of mezcal….
…which always contains a worm. Yuk!
If you ever wanted to know where your ham, barbecue ribs, and bacon come from – literally – here you go!
An imperious-looking statue
Our view from the pier as we left Costa Maya.
We met the FAB FIVE at Trivia one day….five beautiful women from Miami who are also fun, interesting, and generous. The card being held up is one of our cards with this website’s info….she asked us to sign the back so that she can make money when we are famous and she can sell it!!! (Only if she gets a Kardashian signature on it, too.)
Coming soon (spelled correctly) from us….Europe! We will be there in four days, until almost the end of summer.