Day 1,619 of Traveling the World | Baden Baden, Germany | July 9, 2022

Baden Baden is a cute cute town that was just made for tourists and guests heading toward its famous baths. It had some formal buildings, including a casino (for which you have to dress up – not in the cards for us!), a theater, and an exhibition building called the Trinkhalle. In addition, there was a park with a tree-lined street and walkway called Lichtentaler Allee, which legend says started in 1655 when towering oaks lined the way. We have seen advertisements calling Baden Baden “the Good Life,” and it seems to have that genteel feeling and still harkens back to years gone by.

The main restaurants are German, and the streets in Old Town are cobblestoned. Hotels are from another age (even though they have been modernized), and there are many German bakeries on every street. The city is lovely and charming, and is a bit of the slow lane when it comes to leisure. No busy crowds, no frantic shopping, and no lines anywhere – it is a slower life here than we have seen in other cities. And for a few days, that suited us just fine!

This photo perfectly captures life in Baden Baden, with a carriage slowly making its way through Lichtentaler Allee.
Another view of Lichtentaler Allee.
Outside the Stadtmuseum is this fun sign: “There’s definitely no logic to human behavior.”
A fountain in the park.
The park was calm and peaceful for an afternoon walk.
The Performing Arts Theater in the city.
A statue outside the theater.
Gonnerenlage Garden.
A little waterfall on our walk.
The Evangelische Stadtkirche of Baden Baden. The twin spires were visible all around the city.
This is a traditional bathhouse with thermal pools. One review of it starts, “If you’re okay with nudity…” We also read that the admission price is 32 euros.
Kan-Guru? Kangaroo? Who knows??
A walking tree-lined area that divided one street, with lots of trees and lots of benches.
We liked these orange flowers!
This fresco-lined arcade is called the Trinkhalle, a historical landmark.
Here are some of the frescoes, and a bride and groom were having formal portraits taken farther down.
Every time we passed this restaurant, we were taken by its vibrant facade.
The Lowenbrau Restaurant. We had a pretty good German dinner here, and met a friendly and fun family of four (Michelle, Greg, Eleanor, and Arthur) from Wisconsin who live in Switzerland.
One of the pedestrian streets.
This cafe was large and pretty, with flower boxes in the windows.
The Rosenneuheitengarten! Why say “rose garden” when you can manage that mouthful? There were trellises of roses everywhere, some in bloom, some not.
More of the roses and trellises, with some of the Black Forest mountains in the background.
We took this photo from the car in the town of Renchen. We thought it was the devil tempting someone, but it is actually a creature that is part man, part fish, and part bird advising the author Grimmelshausen what he should include in his book, Simplicius Simplicissimus.