Day 1,677 of Traveling the World | New York City, NY | September 5, 2022

Janis Joplin: Take it! Take another little piece of my heart now, baby! Well, New York City has taken a little piece of our hearts. We started to miss it as soon as we left last October. Coming back has felt like “home,” as we knew where everything was and how to get there. It all came back as though we had lived here for many years, not just a month.

We have been enjoying wandering around, looking UP, as usual, and enjoying all the busy-ness of the city. We did find some new things this time: High Line Park, Chelsea Market, The Vessel, and Hudson Yards. But we also revisited the familiar: Times Square, Central Park, Greenwich Village, and Hell’s Kitchen. And we’re not done! We have several more days for exploring. So here are our photos and impressions thus far – enjoy the color, and the colorful doings, in NYC!

Times Square!! Color – Life – People – Fun – Ever New.
…and more! Everyone who visits New York passes through Times Square. It is very lively and busy, 24/7.
Chelsea Market, today consisting of food and retail venues in the old Nabisco Bakery Building (1898-1958).
A nod to Nabisco as you enter Chelsea Market.
One of the many retailers inside.
Li-Lac Chocolates, Manhattan’s oldest chocolate shop, dating to 1923. The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and King Kong ($110) are all rendered in delectable chocolate.
In a corner of the walkway is this….fountain???
Pretty light-drapes are part of the walkway.
The framed glance into this shop was picture-perfect.
Another pretty lighted shop, along with “Artists & Fleas.”
This beauty was adorning a back wall.
These Jamaican beauties were doing an amateur photo shoot. We loved the look!
Intrepid Mike stood smack in the middle of 10th Avenue, in between lights, to snap this mural of Mother Teresa and Mahatma Ghandi.
We are quite certain that Hollywood & Vine are in Los Angeles!
High Line Park, with 8 million visitors per year, is built on a former New York Central railroad spur on Manhattan’s west side.
There are sculptures in High Line along the way, like these by French sculptors, the Lalanne Brothers.
Also on the High Line is this stylish apartment building.
Stonewall Inn, birthplace of the modern struggle for gay rights. The Stonewall Riots started in response to a raid by the Morals Squad. One of the most common arrests was of men dressing as women. Good thing they weren’t on the set of the movie “Some Like it Hot.”
…with a little more information.
Near Stonewall Inn was this inclusive sign outside a church.
As with most “areas” in NY, Hell’s Kitchen covers several streets on the west side. Unsurprisingly, most businesses here want the words HELL’S KITCHEN somewhere in their name!
On 9th Avenue, in Hell’s Kitchen, we came upon this cheerful Community Cupboard, which is such a great idea. We looked inside (see next photo).
Sadly, it was mostly bare.
A whimsical tribute in metal to the last three northern white rhinos left in the world.
Two outdoor dining spaces that are substantially more than a wood frame with plastic windows. These two are quite lovely. However, we have learned that NY is looking to close down many (most? all?), as they have created problems of noise, rats, and parking shortages on streets.
In the middle of a drab block of gray buildings, we came across this fire-engine red building!
Wow. Wow! Wow!!!! It is tough (and ex-pen-sive) to own a vehicle in the Big Apple.
The Vessel, an outdoor sculpture in Hudson Yards, with 16 stories, 2,500 steps, and 80 landings, opened in 2019. It closed in 2021 after four suicides, as the glass railings are only waist-high.
The new South Korean luxury car, Genesis. We saw this in The Shops at Hudson Yards. Even though there were car doors showing the colors, and you can sit in the car itself, you cannot buy it there. The man talking to us, Troy, was a “product specialist,” NOT a “salesman.” You must go to a dealer for purchases.
Well, we have ascertained that this mannequin is as Minimalist as you can get!
We liked the angles of this pointy building.
This man laid down in the middle of 9th Avenue, 39th Street, and 38th Street. When people tried to help him, or even give him money, he ended up screaming and cursing at them. We were terrified that a large truck or bus would run over his legs or arms. A bystander next to us said that the man does this daily.
Aaaahhhh – Central Park! It never gets old!
Such a pretty restaurant!
The Dancing Shrimp? According to the internet, Dancing Shrimp is a Japanese sushi delicacy. The sushi contains live baby shrimp that move their legs and antennae while being eaten, hence, “dancing.” That is way too gross to think about!
What a great name!
The Sheraton has gone all out in its flower decorations.
Adjacent to a place we had a Mexican lunch was this Buddha.

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