Dy 1,718 of Traveling the World | Kahului, Maui, Hawaii | October 16, 2022

Can you believe….we don’t even read (or should we say, remember) our own blog?!?! We have visited Kahului before, on Day 290 of being geographically independent, November 2018. But while “Kahului” sounded familiar, it wasn’t until we were out of the port, on the main street, that we remembered it all. That day, it was raining, and so it all had a more dismal cast. Today was sunny and glorious, although, as we noted last time, the Internet’s comment regarding this Hawaiian town is as follows: “Kahului is not generally considered a tourist destination.”

Outside of a small outdoor shopping center, and beautiful photos of the ocean and cloud-enveloped mountaintops, there isn’t anything remarkable here. We noticed that some of the photos we took this time were virtually the same ones we posted last time. So, at least for the small portion of the port we have seen, we have covered it well.

We were happy to find a very busy Whole Foods grocery store for some berries and unsalted nuts. There were a few other stores that sell clothing and other necessities, but the port itself is largely a cargo port, and it is adjacent to an auto salvage yard (filled with vehicles that had been in spectacular wrecks).

Overall, a great day to sit out on the deck or near a window and watch the ocean change colors. Throughout the day, the waves were also different every few hours. It’s a beautiful background with which to dine, read, and just enjoy the scenery.

The first few photos were taken from the ship’s back deck. Depending on the time of day and the sun, the colors vary.
The cloud formations in Hawaii are very dramatic!
From turquoise to deep blue to green – every hour there are different colors!
Dark blue again!
In the small town of Kahului – you can “see” which way the wind is blowing!
There were lots of these “flat-top” trees, which had small yellow fruit, but we don’t know what kind of tree this is.
This tall, skinny, gangly tree is too much. We were waiting for it to blow over!
The mountaintops were cut off by clouds (and, here is a whole family of palm trees).
The shopping center was very inviting, with all the landscaping.
An early morning shot, when the water was more green.
One of the ship’s lifeboats practicing maneuvers early in the morning.
This is the back deck from where we take most photos. It is lovely to have any of our three meals out on the deck, with some of the most beautiful “al fresco” dining there is in the world.
As we walked through the shopping center, we found these guys staring at us! We think they want to be adopted, as they look so forlorn.
Sunset in Kahului.

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