Day 1,781 of Traveling the World | Paddington, Sydney, Australia | December 22, 2022

Paddington is no longer just a bear, no longer just a London tube station, no longer just a district in London. It is a Sydney suburb known for trendy restaurants, high fashion, pricey boutiques, and coffee coffee everywhere, all housed in Victorian terraced buildings. What an exhilarating walk! We captured in photos a lot of the fun retail store names and items along the way, as well as several points of interest: the 1891 Town Hall, the Barracks Reserve, and the Reservoir Gardens. There are also very pretty residential areas that have beautiful wrought-iron balconies landscaped with pretty plants and foliage. The trees here tend to take over the pavements and even, occasionally, cross over the streets to touch each other, as they have been around for a long time. It is an area that we hadn’t before ventured into, and it was terrific for a 3-4 hour walk.

The funnest lamp we have ever seen! Thanks, Paddington!
Logo for the Fish Butchery….sounds (and with the intestines and innards, looks) rough.
Can you imagine telling people that the Optometrist you go to is titled EYEBALLS??? After your appointment, you can eat next door at Sushi n’ Blue – A Mouthful of Delight. (Love the historic building facade.)
Check out the colorful and eclectic rooflines along this stretch of Oxford Street.
Several views of the Reservoir Gardens…what a restful and delightful oasis!
The kids are playing while mom is relaxing in the sun.
There are arches everywhere.
…and one last view from the top.
The Paddington Post Office opened in 1885. We liked the crest of Australia topping the building.
The Barracks Reserve is a sidewalk-adjacent green space that runs along Oxford Street with lots of benches. This is a very old fig tree, spreading its shade from inside the reserve.
The Unicorn Hotel tells us to “get Schnitt faced.” They are talking about schnitzel, of course. Many pubs in the city advertise “Schnitzel and a beer” for about $15 ($10 US) – not a bad deal at all!
Love the name Status Anxiety, but we don’t get particularly worried – or anxious – about our status, since we couldn’t care less!
Ampersand tried stacking books to look like a Christmas tree, and they even have lights wrapped around the books – but they forgot the triangular topper (or someone bought the top books. Oops! ).
Here is one building where we don’t have to look up the construction date – we love that they kept the original brick and concrete.
Looking down the side streets as we walked along Oxford, this is a typical view of the residential area.
We thought this dress with a basket hanging on the side to be funny and unusual (yes, we know it is a purse, but still….).
An ivy-covered building!…and nicely trimmed.
Across the street from the ivy-covered building was this sign, designating the distances to Fashion in various cities. Hmmmm….0 km or 16,985 km? What should we do???
A FUN pedestrian crosswalk!
Paddington residences are known for their wrought-iron balconies, and most homes along this street did have a balcony, as you can see.
This is a business, but they have lovingly tended to their balcony.
The Village Inn Pub and Restaurant has a beautiful corner location, with a balcony that wraps. But we love the sign in its window (next photo).
Eat Inn and Drink Inn, but The Village Inn sign says The Village Out. It reopens next year under new management.
Welllll…what to say about emotional pizza? Does it need a shrink, or just some TLC? Maybe we shouldn’t eat it at all??
You gotta love….Headcase Hair.
Paddington Town Hall opened in 1891, built in the Victorian style. The clock tower was completed in 1905. You can see this building everywhere in Paddington.
The Everleigh Bottling Company sells single-serve cocktails in small bottles. You can see – Dirty Martini, Manhattan, Death & Taxes, Coffee House. Wonder if Death and Taxes tastes as nasty as both death, and taxes, sound? We don’t know, as we avoided both for the time being.
Great names for these alcoholic drinks! They sound like they go with raucous sport-watching.

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