Day 1,910 of Traveling the World | Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii | April 25, 2023

We visited Cruel Sun, Maui, Hawaii, today. You never heard of it? That is the translation of the word, “Lahaina.” In 1820 it was chosen as the Royal Capital by King Kamehameha II, but only lasted as the capital until Honolulu was named as its replacement in 1845.

We last visited here four years ago, and it looks exactly the same. There is a long main street with beautiful items for sale in retail shops, along with their most famous ice cream shop, Lappert’s. In addition to premium ice cream and shave ice, it offers Dole Whip, a pineapple sorbet. The island used to be a center of pineapple and sugar production (before tourism replaced them), and there are many pineapple-themed foods and souvenirs to be found in the shops of Lahaina. At the end of town you can now find the Maui Outlet Shops. Everything is walkable. We saw a movie theater and got momentarily excited about seeing a movie. We have been on ships or small islands for quite a while now, so we haven’t seen many new releases. But we found the theater only shows films in the evenings (and of course, we were here during the day).

As you will see, it was a dark and stormy day. Some people got absolutely drenched when there was a sudden downpour. We walked through a light rain that stopped after 15 minutes or so, but the afternoon brought more showers. The rain did mean that it wasn’t quite so hot as normal, so that was great.

Early morning view of Lahaina from the cruise ship.
Taken a minute after the above photo, this is from the other side of the ship!
The Yellow Submarine you see (which is what everyone calls it) is actually the Reef Dancer, designed as a deeper glass bottom boat, for passengers to see the local fish and turtles.
The Historic Baldwin Home Museum, dating to 1834.
There were a lot of silly/fun names in Lahaina, like the Dirty Monkey.
How could we resist anything with the word “Beyoutiful” in it?
The Chinese Museum. All of Hawaii has a lot of Chinese history, as immigrants added to its rich culture.
Note how wet the streets are and how the cars had their lights on. The rain kept many of the tourists off the streets and made everything a little quieter than normal. We liked the trees blowing in the distance.
Oceanfront cheeseburgers and….grog!
A giraffe statue with monkeys wrapped around its neck.
Old Poi Factory. Poi: the tabula rasa of Hawaii. It tastes like whatever you put on it!
This was the gray ocean view for most of our day in Lahaina. There was lots of rain, then a little, then none, then a little…..
Here is Cheeseburger in Paradise.
They. Came. From. Outer. Space. THE SAND PEOPLE!
Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac lives on Maui and has a restaurant/bar as well as a gift shop in Lahaina.
There were several blocks of covered sidewalks here, which was great when the rain started. It gives the city an “old Hawaii” look.
One of the multi-level shopping and eating malls in the center of Lahaina.
The park across from the above photo is overflowing with gorgeous old banyan trees.
Start Me Up – charter fishing boats. Guess they like The Rolling Stones?
Cannons from a sunken Russian warship, brought to Lahaina to protect the Royal Capital.
This poor boat apparently ran ashore, and had been there for quite a while.
A pretty covered walkway along the oceanfront.
Some advice for all of us.
Somebody added goo- goo- googly eyes to this beautiful woman’s photo, making her look very creepy.

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