Day 1,959 of Traveling the World | Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawaii | June 13, 2023

We know you are asking, “Where have these folks been??” Our last post was way back in April. But there isn’t much to write about when we take on necessities back in California. We see our doctors, dentists, fill prescriptions, take care of all of our piled-up business from months out of the country, and just don’t find a lot of time to be travelers or tourists, since we lived there previously.

But we are back, traveling the world. We have some rich plans ahead, which will unfold as the days pass. Right now, we are in a Hilton resort, Waikoloa Village, on the Big Island of Hawaii. We usually don’t spend time in resorts, as we like cities with their museums, architecture, theater, concerts, cultural diversity, and busy-ness. So this is a big change. This has got to be the Disneyland of hotels. The property consists of 65 acres, with multiple pools, three towers of rooms, a Disneyland-type tram to get around the enormous property (as well as boat trams), 14 restaurants, a Dolphin Quest encounter, on-site car rentals and tours – all on the northwest coast of the island. It is quite amazing. It is also quite expensive, as you might imagine. Sandwiches and salads start at $18, and most entrees are $30 and up. Standard rooms are $400-600 per night, with an attached resort fee of $45/day. Luckily, we booked with Hilton points, so our room is free, and no resort fees are charged. We were given $36/day food credit as Diamond members, and with our Hilton credit card, we get $250 taken off our stay. So these three weeks would have cost $13,000 – and we won’t pay anything at all. Nice!

We have been relaxing and planning since arriving, taking Ubers and renting cars, and Mike has been diving and has two more experiences booked. Just walking the property is exhilarating. All in all – it is a great place to hang out and chill! – even though it is warm and sunny. Thankfully, though, it is not humid, and there is enough of a breeze to make it comfortable.

One of the many swimming/lounging pools on one of the many glorious days here.
The view from our balcony
Early morning in Honokohau Small Boat Harbor, from where Mike goes diving.
The Waterfall Tunnel, a tunnel pathway with this “mirror” onto a seawater pool with fish and turtles swimming around and a purple swan pedal boat! The pool provides an ocean snorkeling-type experience for those who don’t want to go into the open ocean with its waves, jellies, sharks, and other “variables.”
The waterfall from the other side. You can see the tram tracks here.
This could be our motto! It is posted on Nomadix merchandise, but….we agree! We agree!
There are many, many, MANY Polynesian and Asian statues around the property, and this is one of them.
See these tiny two-chair cabanas with striped awnings?? Get ready – they cost $150 per day to rent them! There are bigger ones, as well, that go for $450/day!
Late afternoon along the ocean walkway.
This is one of three pools constituting Dolphin Quest, available at a cost ranging from $210 to $1734! And no, that is not a statue of a dolphin – they are trained to “posewhen not otherwise engaged. They are well-treated, but it is sad to see these beautiful creatures unable to swim and live in the open ocean.
More of the ocean walkway, with a covered hut cabana that includes a double bed, which can be booked and rented…of course.
The resort wraps around Waiulua Bay – this is its extent from one side to the other….with lots happening in the area on the right!
Another purple swan boat. The scene looks so peaceful, doesn’t it?
The same pool from above the waterfall.
Photo taken from the boat tram, which runs all afternoon and into the evening.
Another shot from the boat, just out from under that arched bridge.
One of five pools in the world that include an imported-sand beach.
Palms, palms, everywhere.
When Mike was diving, between dives, the boat stopped at Rainbow Arch. He was told that under the right conditions a rainbow forms across it, but there were none visible that day.
Also from the dive boat is this shot of endless…blue.
More blue.
In the small town of Waikoloa Village is this amazing root-rich tree.
A rhino prowls the property – there are also lots of other animal sculptures here.
One of many bridges that are the only way to access other parts of this giant complex.
Yet another pool with a hut-inspired bar.
This is a rickety rope bridge that moves as you walk on it – not designed for wheelchairs, canes, scooters, or anyone unsteady on their feet.

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