Day 1,995 of Traveling the World | Zihuatanejo, Mexico | July 19, 2023

A nice and very warm day in this port town today…but probably no hotter than the rest of the world. This city has a newly constructed tourist port, with souvenir shops, bars, restaurants, and even a basketball court. It is in the Mexican state of Guerrero, which is on the “Do not travel here” list. But police and security guards were everywhere around the port area, likely because there was a cruise ship in port. So, the feeling here was very welcoming and very friendly. The city’s name may come from the Nahuatl language, meaning “Place of Women,” referring to the paradise of the Nahuatl universe, home of the “Goddess Women.” According to tradition, these women arose in the afternoon to lead the sun to the realm of the dead. Fun stuff, huh?

Early in the morning, Mike arrived on a tender boat from the anchored cruise ship. He went on two dives with a company called Zissou Divers, which was a short walk from the tender pier. Mike asked, and the company is indeed named in honor of the Bill Murray movie, “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.” They even gave their boat the same name as the one in the movie. The boat was uncrowded, and both dive sites were a short ride from the company’s dock.

During the first dive, Mike saw quite a few fish, sometimes enough to rightfully be called a “bait ball.” He also saw the largest Spotted Eagle Ray he had ever seen. It was two or three times the size of those he saw in Bora Bora. During the second dive the divers watched for a couple of minutes as two black and white striped eels mated near the sea floor. Later, when the divers arrived at the surface, the dive guide, Edwin, who was using a GoPro camera, said, “I made a porn movie!”

Jan walked through the tourist area and along the adjacent retail street. She wasn’t harassed about purchasing items, as in places like Tijuana. It was very calm and quite pleasant. The most interesting part was the pretty views of the bay, with lots of small personal boats anchored everywhere. The tender boats had to slow down to make their way through the maze to get into the tender port. We are now continuing on our way south, toward Central America, and all the mountains off the boat that we can see are enveloped in clouds, looking very other-worldly.

The Magic City…
Zihuatanejo is very pretty in the early morning light.
A typical house, walking along the ocean road.
Looking out into the bay.
A local restaurant.
All of the houses and apartment buildings along the bay were stacked up the mountain. We loved the Shangri-La type building.
Parasailing in the bay.
Dancers in front of the statue with the city name, hired to welcome the cruise ship passengers.
Beautiful water!
Some wading birds at the tender port.
A pretty mural on the side of a house.
An inlet along the ocean path.
Lots of personal boats were anchored in the bay.
A lively statue of Jose Azueta Abad, a Mexican patriot and hero.
Along the beach.
More liveliness! – This time, in an apartment building covered in artwork.
A colorful shopping center.
Don’t know what it means – is Lesbianas a drink, or does Corona appeal to lesbians? Somebody, please enlighten us.
Pretty artwork for a sandwich shop
A very festive basketball court, adjacent to the bay.
People drinking and dining along the ocean walkway. Two port security guards were walking by. We saw police or security guards in pairs, about every two blocks or so.
The tourist area sold all kinds of souvenirs, of course.
Sunset, the night before.
Sunset, leaving Zihuatanejo.

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