Day 2,014 of Traveling the World | New York City, NY | August 3, 2023

What fabulous views of New York! For the first time, a cruise ship we are on entered New York City from the south, in the afternoon, passing by Long Island, going under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, into the world’s largest harbor, passing the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Battery Park/Wall Street, and north up the Hudson River to Pier 90 on the west side of Manhattan, docking at 50th Street. We have never seen this view before, from Deck 10 of the ship, passing by the Statue of Liberty and having to look down on it!

We had 24 hours in Manhattan, 4:00 pm to 4:00 pm. A Mexican dinner and dessert at Junior’s Cheesecake before a Broadway show were on our agenda. Some Like it Hot was our show, and it was a lot of fun, as you can see in the photos. A NY breakfast and Times Square were the second day’s agenda, along with walking around and taking photos of various things we find fun, pretty, and/or interesting. We accomplished everything, and we really do ♥️ NY! It was a terrific 24 hours in one of our favorite places on earth. The city grabs us every single time, wraps its heart around ours, and hugs us more closely. To be in love with a city is a wonderful thing. Best of all, it loves us back.

Long Island, on a day where the clouds showed off.
The Verrazano Narrows Bridge.
A long view of Manhattan. The clouds!
We all were looking for the Lady, but she is hard to find from Deck 10, as she is rather small when she mixes in with all the tall buildings from a distance out.
There she is! It is a great view when you are higher than she is, and out in the harbor.
The Skyline Number 1.
The Skyline Number 2.
The Skyline Number 3. The clouds!
The Skyline Number 4.
The Skyline Number 5.
The Skyline Number 6. Uhh…something about the clouds?
The Skyline Number 7. See the size of the berths? THAT is what our cruise ship has to squeeze into!
The ship turns into its berth by having this small, powerful tugboat start to push it into place.
We watched the process – the ship was in its berth, but thick ropes thrown out from the ship to the bottom deck of the dock on the left pulled the ship closer. The gray object on the second level is the gangway, which connects to the ship and allows us to walk across the gap, into the terminal, and out onto the street.
A Mexican dinner at Ponche, surrounding ourselves with tacos (and fajitas!).
Some Like it Hot at the Shubert – who doesn’t just love cross-dressing men???
Some of the outside beauty of the Shubert Theater.
…and inside beauty. Some of the walls and ceiling are a little overwhelmed by industrial lighting, but that’s how it is today.
The fabulous cast, taking their curtain call. The tall person in the center was the character Gerald who became Geraldine/Daphne. Excellent voice!
We didn’t know it was a “thing” to stand outside the stage door and cheer each actor’s exit. The unassuming man in the white shirt on the left walking toward us is the man in the tux in the previous photo, fourth from the right. He played the head mafioso.
Worldwide Plaza – a pretty square.
During breakfast at the (very good) Times Square Diner, His Majesty came in with his family, who were visiting from London. He doesn’t take off his crown, and he prefers that he be recognized as King. His name is Tariro, a lovely name that means “hope.” So adorable. He was so happy to have his photo taken!
Last year, Times Square featured nearly-naked women. Today it was two gorillas. It is always a wonderful experience.
Another view from Times Square.
One of the many food trucks around Times Square. They sell everything.
This glorious building, with decorated gold doors, likely about 100 years old, is now where you pick up…your Taco Bell order.
A pretty store for all of you who have fur babies.
Such a pretty building! Formerly the Paramount Theater, with its scrolls and decorative touches, is now a Hard Rock Cafe.
We hadn’t noticed this on previous visits – a button, needle, and thread, denoting the area of the Garment District.
Another cute building, very inviting.
Just liked the name!
Extra cheese, anyone? That was in front of the Muscle Maker Grill – “Great Food With Your Health In Mind.” We make no comment here. Maybe they know something we don’t.
Some cute babies for sale near Times Square.
Breathtaking! A 360-degree of Times Square.

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