Day 2,017 of Traveling the World | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | August 7, 2023

On Day 180 of traveling the world, we posted a blog of our visit to…Halifax! Just 1,837 days later, we’re b-a-a-a-ck! The big difference is that last time, our visit was part of a driving trip across the US and Canada, and we were here for three days. Five years later, we stopped on a cruise, and our visit was just a few hours. But we still had fun and still took a ton of photos. On Day 180, we discussed Deadman’s Island, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and its Titanic exhibit, as well as the Halifax Harbor Explosion of 1917. So, today will be a supplement to that post – we are focusing on the Halifax Harbourwalk and some of the downtown area. That’s what two hours got us!

Harbourwalk is just amazing, and is one of the longest boardwalks in the world, spanning 2.5 miles. In addition to a cruise port, there are many other wharves, a plethora of restaurants and food kiosks, parks, playgrounds, museums, galleries, and more. Quite impressive. We walked most of the boardwalk, taking photos and enjoying the day (after preparing for all-day rain, according to the weather report, which never came ). Then we walked into town, and found the Argyle Street Pedestrian Path, with shops and restaurants. It had loads of businesses, but there were not many people around. We discovered a few churches and went inside the only one that was open, St. Mary’s Cathedral. But that brought our wandering to an end. Overall, a fun walking day at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. We love the quirky Canadian place names and their sense of humor.

Harbourwalk boardwalk makes its way around many little inlets, and is not straight, adding to its charm.
It has many walkways into the Atlantic to catch a charter or sightseeing boat.
George’s Island, just offshore, had its photo taken hundreds of times just today, with its lighthouse attracting a bit of attention. What is it about lighthouses?
An old Canadian National Railways car on display near the cruise terminal.
…along with a statue of a weary traveling woman.
The Great Acadian Upheaval, as people left Nova Scotia for other parts of the world…but we like the French word, Derangement. (See next photo.)
This is very interesting, but was too long to summarize, so we are providing the sign for your reading pleasure.
A fun name for a restaurant.
The Bicycle Thief has descriptions of their unique drink concoctions posted on its outside walls, and very nicely illustrated. Even though we don’t drink alcohol, this drink sounds just delicious.
…as does this one, with blueberry, lemon, and maple syrup! (The price of $16 is about $12 US.)
This sculpture is titled The Emigrant (Armando Barton, 2013) and depicts the pain of an emigrant separating from his family, but determination to head toward a new life.
Sugah! It looks like Sugah has everything needed for a great breakfast!
Along Harbourwalk is a series of fun games and exercises. We didn’t attempt jumping jacks, though – too hard on the knees!
We did, however, walk the Crab Walk – and gots lots of smiles from people walking around us.
Cows. Just Cows. ‘Nuff said.
How do you like your poutine? Given that it has fries, gravy, and cheese curds, we would say – not much. If we were going to eat something that bad for us, we would have something like we could get in the previous photo or the following one. Poutine is like the sin without the fun.
Prices for these priceless Canadian goodies top out at $7.50 US. Alas, they were closed (on a day when a cruise ship is in town?? Crazy!).
Just liked the name.
Just liked the artwork on the sign.
Darn! If our website wasn’t already named “Where in the World are Mike and Jan?” – we would have adored “Strange Adventures, Comics and Curiosities.” We are strange, adventurous, comical, and curious!
Just liked the name – The PourHouse.
The Press Gang – another fun name and drawing.
and who doesn’t like a Canadian moose?
We liked the lights and flowers – along with the mannequin peering out of the third-floor window.
This pretty restaurant is named Bianca.
The Black Market Boutique is so colorful – sorta “groovy.”
Captivated by the panda – a few painted black blobs, and voila! – a panda!
The altar area of St. Mary’s Cathedral in downtown Halifax.
“Vytaiemo” – a traditional welcome to Ukrainian refugees, along with bread and salt on an embroidered towel, representing life and welcome. As you can see, with blue and yellow ribbons and flags, this statue has become a place to show support for Ukraine in its war with Russia.
Leaving Halifax in our wake…literally.

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