Day 2,052 of Traveling the World | Alesund, Norway | September 11, 2023

Alesund – the Fairy Tale City. Alesund – the Art Nouveau City. We found both, on a cloudy and rainy day, and were absolutely delighted walking around this charming European city. It is built primarily with Art Nouveau facades and inspiration due to the Alesund Fire in 1904. With the city having been built of wood, everything was pretty much destroyed. Rebuilding during the height of the Art Nouveau movement, the art form shows everywhere. There are facades with flowers, with fairytale towers, with colored domes…it really is quite spectacular – even in the rain! The forecast for the afternoon was 90-100% rain, but it stopped for a while, and mostly just drizzled. We got a bit wet, but it was very much worth every drop of rain on our jackets and shoes.

We are on a cruise ship called the Norwegian Prima, and it is very youthful, very up-to-date, and has the best food we have ever had at sea. All the other ships we have sailed seem stodgy and “quaint” – now – compared to the Prima. The food is fresh, much of it made to order, and everything just tastes delicious. The chefs aren’t afraid of spice! We are amazed that the passengers are mostly American, since the cruise originated in Iceland. And we are quite impressed with it all, although it does carry more than 3,000 passengers, so at times it feels quite crowded. But oh, the food….every other ship could modernize and take lessons from the Prima.

This inlet runs through the city of Alesund, placing the city on two separate islands joined by a bridge.
Across the inlet, the buildings are very colorful.
An overview of the city from our cruise ship.
There were low clouds as we docked.
The dome and spire are constant themes in Alesund.
…and again… (notice that the top of the spire says 1905, the date the city was rebuilt.)
Lovenvold Theater sits on a corner close to the harbor.
A cobblestone street leads to stores, restaurants, and cafes.
These unusual wooden benches contain the face of a person!
A lighthouse sits out at the end of the inlet.
We caught some kayakers adding a “splash” of color to the gray day.
The gold ornamentation is so beautiful...along with the tower, of course.
Flowers on the facade are so pretty.
…and again….
The dormer windows and spire add drama to the top of this building.
We can picture this street jammed with people on a sunny day.
Quite creepy. Trolls are everywhere, both in statue form and in the names of places and tour companies.
Very witchy looking.
More flower panels on the facade.
…and a few more flowers…
This is a former pharmacy, turned into the Centre for Art Nouveau. It is one of the most photographed buildings in Alesund.
…and if you thought the first photo of trolls was creepy, this one should terrify…
A perfect, dramatic late-afternoon shot as we get ready to depart.

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