Day 112 of Traveling the World, Ketchikan, Alaska. May 23, 2018.

Alaska marks the 49th of 50 states we have visited, leaving just North Dakota as the “last frontier.”

Ketchikan is the first stop on our Alaskan cruise. It is filled with totem poles, native indigenous arts, animal….mostly bear….pelts, salmon shops, and the ubiquitous diamond stores! Even though it is a salmon capital, as shown in the first photo (like most all Alaskan cities), one restaurant’s dinner menu offers grilled salmon for…a whopping $28!!! Now, if there is salmon everywhere, wouldn’t you think you could get it for a more reasonable price? Supply and demand? Oh, well.

We had a “flightseeing tour” in a seaplane set up to fly over Misty Fjords National Park today. We showed up, and they cancelled. They said it was so cloudy and foggy that we wouldn’t see anything. So we will try to set up another flight in another port on another day.

The second photo below is a roaring creek that is right in the middle of downtown, even though it looks like we ventured out into the wilderness. The last three photos were taken on Creek Street, the former Red Light District. When the brothels were threatened with being shut down early in the 20th Century, they rebuilt their business establishments on stilts over the creek so that they wouldn’t be subject to the Law of the Land! Today, the district is filled with restaurants, souvenir shops, and even a tour of one of the former brothels.