Day 113 of Traveling the World, Sumdum and Dawes Glaciers. May 24, 2018.

Today was a day of cruising past glaciers….along with gorgeous mountains, beautiful skies, and occasional seals resting on a chunk of ice. The photos really speak for themselves. The first is the Sumdum Glacier in Endicott Arm, while the second and third are Dawes Glacier, at the end of Endicott Arm. The Dawes Glacier calved a few times while we were there, the breaking ice causing a gigantic splash, and is the cause of the floating ice seen on the left side of one of the photos. After that is the photo of the seals taking respite (the brown smudges atop the largest piece of ice). Then, dusk came along, and you can see the ocean and sky and mountains putting on quite the display for us!