Day 131 of Traveling the World, Vancouver, BC, Canada. June 11, 2018.

Take a gorgeous blue-sky day, throw in a sophisticated and busy city, add lovely friendly people (the US’ closest allies and friends), and you have the wonderful city of Vancouver. We have had a great time here and have enjoyed talking with so many terrific people. We are staying at the Hilton Metrotown, a 20-minute Sky Train ride away from downtown Vancouver. Our stay is with Hilton points, and thus, free to us. The rate is just over $300 per night, so staying on points really helps our monthly budget.

In the photo with the cruise ship, you can see how beautifully decorated the port is with the “sail” motif. The Japadog hot dog stand is interesting….toppings include seaweed, Japanese miso, and Brussels sprouts. We don’t think we’ll be using the gas station in the next to last photo! And the last photo is of a store that we have never seen in the US…or anywhere else in Canada, for that matter.