Day 135 of Traveling the World, Osoyoos, BC, Canada. June 15, 2018.

Osoyoos isn’t a place name that rolls off your tongue, nor is it one most of the world has ever heard of. But when we mentioned to Canadians that we would be in Osoyoos for a few days, they nodded eagerly and said it is often a vacation destination. The lake is rather large, and there is boating and a whole range of water sports. We were here several years ago, and it was only to be an overnight stop on the way to Vancouver. We fell in love with the charming town and the people here. We did a bike ride around town and part of the lake today, and everyone waved, said hi, and smiled.

It is hard to believe, but the last two photos were taken exactly across the street from one another… side vineyards, and the other – desert! It looks like Arizona across the street! We read that this is the only desert in Canada, although that is disputed somewhat. It gets less rain than other parts of Canada and is relatively warm. There are signs about rattlesnakes, and there are also scorpions and other species normally found only in the desert.