Day 143 of Traveling the World, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. June 23, 2018.

North America’s largest mall! 5.3 million square feet. West Edmonton Mall was the largest in the world until 2004; now it ranks 23rd. Nevertheless, it is massive…and impressive. There are 800 retail stores and more than 100 dining venues; two hotels; a water park; the world’s second-largest indoor amusement park; two miniature golf courses; a shooting range; nightclubs; a hockey/skating rink; and, a replica of Columbus’s ship, the Santa Maria. It receives about 32 million visitors per year. Just….wow!

The first photo is Europa Boulevard, built to resemble a shopping area like the Galleria in Milan. Next is the replica of the Santa Maria, followed by one of the miniature golf courses. The glitzy, dimly lit section is Bourbon Street, consisting almost exclusively of sit-down restaurants, bars, and pubs. Yoda floats over the entrance to the Cineplex, and the Chinatown area has retained the cherry trees and Asian influences.

The water park has a beach (!) and the world’s largest wave pool. The Edmonton Oilers used to practice on the hockey rink, but now there are just people ice skating. And the last three photos are of Galaxyland, the indoor theme park. Even though the sign proclaims it the world’s largest indoor amusement park, it is now No. 2. It was originally called Fantasyland, but after a court battle with Disneyland, it changed to Galaxyland.