Day 145 of Traveling the World, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. June 25, 2018.

Did you know there is a Saskatoon berry? It looks much like a blueberry, but more importantly, it is the derivation of the city name, Saskatoon. It is close to the Cree word for the berry.

In 1883, Saskatoon was established as the first permanent settlement of the Temperance Colonization Society….no alcohol! Remove alcohol, the society said, and all of the world’s ills will also be removed. Well, uh, no. But the entire province of Saskatchewan dealt with the prohibition, then easement (back and forth) of alcohol sales well into the present day.

Below are a few photos from the Central Business District…an old double-decker bus doing double duty; an old railway hotel, the Delta Bessborough, now part of Marriott; a pretty old building with a leafy entranceway; and the back end of a salmon-colored 1954 Pontiac, also doing double duty as the frame of a hot dog stand!