Day 221 of Traveling the World, Saratoga Springs, NY. September 9, 2018.

Five days ago, in Washington, DC, it was 93 degrees outside and felt like 102, according to the Weather Channel. Here in Saratoga Springs, it is 59 degrees and everyone is wearing fall jackets and sweaters outside!

Saratoga Springs is famous for its racetrack, which opened when Abraham Lincoln was President, 1863. The town is beautiful, with many blocks of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and retail shops, including two – yes, TWO – shops named Hatsational, selling those oh-so-important fascinators and other fashionable headwear for the races!

What we found most interesting were the ginormous houses on Broadway, the main drag, once the downtown shops ended. We took photos of just a few to give you the flavor of the over-the-top area of town. And at the end are two photos from Congress Park, at the entrance to downtown. It is a very cute, charming, and bustling place, even though the racing season ended on Labor Day.