Day 223 of Traveling the World, Burlington, VT, and Lake Champlain. September 11, 2018.

Burlington is odd… feels like a small town, yet has lots of hotels and retail stores that tell you it isn’t so small, after all. The first photos are all taken in Church Street Marketplace, a pedestrian-only street dating back to 1981. It has stores, restaurants, vendor carts, street performers, and hosts special events. As you can see, there are also building murals, funky signs, and benches shaped like swings. Walking along the street, the feeling is very European. In fact, it reminded us of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, although Las Ramblas is much, much larger.

The art installation in the photos is unusual in that it was both inside and outside the building! Looks like it is taking over. The church is St. Paul’s Episcopal, a modern building unusual in two way: no pews, only chairs, for worship; and one wall made of glass that invites the outdoors inside. It also has a nice pipe organ.

Finally, with our hotel being across the street from Lake Champlain, there are photos of Battery Park and the Waterfront Park. It was a little rainy today, but we got out between showers to walk the city and take some photos.