Day 229 of Traveling the World, Coast of Maine. September 17, 2018.

A few images from yesterday and today. We saw The Lobster Attacks Earth while driving south today….too good to resist. Last night, we found the sign we had laughed at a few years ago…Walk-ins Welcome, with a picture of Christopher Walken. And today we visited the Oreo Cows of Rockport, Maine. They are Belted Galloways, a Scottish breed, noted for their quality marbled meat and, of course, the “belt” of white fur that goes around their middle….hence, the name Oreo. Some people purchase Belted Galloways just to adorn their pastures, due to the cattle’s striking appearance. The woman at the farm told us that to be allowed to breed, the white belt must go entirely around the cow and meet underneath. Two calves were born recently whose belt does not meet, which means that they will not be allowed to breed, as it would weaken the line’s characteristic coloring pattern.