Day 231 of Traveling the World, Portland, Maine. September 19, 2018.

We had fun in Downtown Portland! The first photo is from the top of the Eastern Promenade, looking out on the Atlantic Ocean. And all the rest are from the Old Port district…definitely a sense of fun and whimsy. Who ever heard of a poet for hire? Lobsters drinking Guinness? The joys of being a mermaid? Who ever heard of a piece of the Berlin Wall residing on a Portland wharf? And, ducks, anyone?

We stopped in a brand new AC Hotel by Marriott, which was gorgeous, to find out more about the brand. We were looking at hotels in Spain for our travels at the end of 2019, and AC Hotels are in most every tiny Spanish town, so we wanted to check it out! A shout-out to Ally and Emma, who generously talked with us for quite a while about travel and hotels.

The last photo puzzled us….if a word is misspelled on your restaurant’s window, why not have it redone? Easy fix!