Day 235 of Traveling the World, Long Island, NY. September 23, 2018.

The Amityville Horror, NY…part of Long Island. THIS is the infamous house from the infamous 1979 movie, starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder. Looks pretty calm and ordinary, huh? Outside of having a sign saying Private Property…No Trespassing, it is much the same as the other houses on Ocean Avenue. The Lutz family only lived here for 28 days before fleeing in terror, claiming they had seen and experienced multiple paranormal happenings. However, none of the subsequent families who have lived here since 1975 have been bothered by anything supernatural.

After that, a stop at Adventureland, a family park that, get this (being from California where Disneyland costs $100 per person per day and $20 parking)….parking and admission are free. You can wander around, play carnival games, buy a ride ticket if you wish, have a snack, get an ice cream, or sit and people watch. For free. What a great deal for families. Two photos of note: this is the only carousel we have ever seen with a staircase to a second level! Quite unusual. And, adjacent to a water ride is a People Dryer. Yup. $5 for 3 minutes of air if you just can’t stand to be wet all day.

After that, we went to St. Abraam’s Coptic Orthodox Church for its annual Egyptian Festival. There were wonderful Middle Eastern foods, as you can see on the menu, and Egyptian items for sale. Inside the church was a gold-leaf-painted iconostasis and crystal chandeliers. Priests in their long black robes were everywhere, almost outnumbering the attendees!

The last photo is our favorite….naturally. A “No Diving” sign in our hotel’s pool area showing a decapitated swimmer? Right up our horror-film-loving alley!