Day 236 of Traveling the World, The Hamptons, NY. September 24, 2018.

Playground for the Rich. Jackie Kennedy was born in East Hampton, and her aunt’s famous Grey Gardens Mansion is there, as well. Andy Warhol had a house here, hosting The Rolling Stones, Elizabeth Taylor, and John Lennon. Stephen Spielberg owns a home here, and Jackson Pollock hung out here, too. Our impression? It is a long way “out there”….longer to get there than it appears on a map! From Manhattan to the farthest point east, it is a total of 120 miles! Quite a commute. It s all very upscale, very clean, and the houses are huge.

As you can see, there are still grist mills on Long Island. We passed several still left, but at one time there were as many as 240 working mills there. Since the grist mills are powered by water, and Long Island is surrounded by water….well, you can see how the industry sprung up. The first photo was taken at Hayground Cove, which also has a convent on prime waterfront real estate, the Sisters of Mercy Villa. The Cove is a short distance from the Shinnecock Nation Reservation, a surprise to us.

The second photo is at the Parrish Art Museum, only fitting with all the artists who lived on Long Island. The swan was swimming in the Town Pond, which abuts South End Cemetery and runs along Main Street in East Hampton. So pretty. Across the street, and shown in the following photo, is the Hedges Inn, a local B&B. The last photos are from around town in East Hampton. The very last, a house on Main Street, had such pretty woodwork framing the porch posts. The sky was dark, and the rain threatened, as you can see, but never materialized.