Day 239 of Traveling the World, Syracuse, NY. September 27, 2018.

The Niagara Mohawk Building! It is on the National Register of Historic Places and considered a masterpiece of Art Deco architecture. Built in 1932 as the Niagara Hudson building, headquarters of the nation’s largest largest electric utility company, you can almost “see” electricity in its design, and of course in the winged sculpture that personifies electricity. It was actually thrilling to see this building in person and close up. It is simply jaw-dropping and gorgeous. There are also photos of some other interesting buildings around Syracuse, many also in the Art Deco style.

The pretty fountain is in Hanover Square, where Alexis de Tocqueville visited in the 19th Century. He was a diplomat, historian, and political scientist. We found the information on the Freedom Trail sign to be most interesting. The Freedom Trail tells the history of the Underground Railroad, and this entry notes that Susan B. Anthony and Samuel May spoke against slavery in Hanover Square in 1861, but even this far north, their speeches created so much anger that effigies of them were dragged through the streets of Syracuse and then burned in the square.

On to some fun! Look at this outstandingly beautiful carousel. Built in 1909 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, in Germantown, PA, the original carver was paid $1,000. The carousel was sold 38 years ago for $400,000. Can you imagine its value today? We were delighted by the statement near the end of the sign, that since 1909, this carousel “has brought joy and laughter to generations of families, sweethearts, and children.”

Finally, it must not go without saying that Syracuse is located at the end of Lake Onondaga, with recreational opportunities and parks located around the lake. The final picture is of the lake, about 4:00 pm today. It is an autumn picture, looking very dark for only 4:00 pm. Summer is gone.