Day 241 of Traveling the World, Rochester, NY. September 29, 2018.

Cool buildings, a command for butt placement, a potbellied pig, an “Autobank” (drive-through bank, stuck in time), a beautiful name for Rochester’s mayor, and really cool produce at the Rochester Public (Farmer’s) Market….mostly purple and wrinkled. Oh, and lots and lots of pretty flowers.

That just about sums up two days in Rochester. We walked the downtown, past all these building and the Eastman School of Music. Most of the students we passed were carrying instrument cases! Like all East Coast cities we have been in over the past 6 weeks, we can tell we aren’t in California any more…the buildings are older, many made of brick, and they all seem to be strong and built for winter. Fall is definitely in the air. When we walked out of our hotel this morning, it was surprisingly chilly, and we were wearing summer clothing.