Day 265 of Traveling the World, Fullerton, CA. October 23, 2018.

As horror film fans, we enjoy both horror movies and horror live theater. The Maverick Theater in Fullerton is probably our favorite in Southern California. Every year it offers Night of the Living Dead in October, followed by Plan 9 from Outer Space and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians in November and a December. All are low budget, exceedingly fun and playful, and inexpensive. We have seen all of these several times, and delight in taking family and friends to see them with us. These photos are pre-show zombies clawing to get through to us for some tasty nibbles. The cast told us afterward that they each do their own makeup, since the theater is too small to have a full crew for makeup, etc. Obviously, we can’t film during the show, so this is just a small preview of the wonderfulness.