Day 275 of Traveling the World, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. November 2, 2018.

Dia de Los Muertos…Day of the Dead. We paid solemn tribute on this grave day!

Many people have been writing us to ask why we haven’t been posting. Until we leave to travel around the world next weekend, we have been running errands in our old stomping grounds…doctor’s appointments, obtaining a year’s worth of prescriptions, driver’s license renewals, selling our truck, purging ourselves of the few extra pieces of clothing we own, getting an International Driver’s License. What is that? It is a $30 fee paid to AAA for a piece of paper saying you are licensed to drive in the US and good to drive in other countries. Some countries say they require one, so….just another hoop through which we needed to jump! We may post during this next week before we leave if we finish our errands and do something fun, or may just wait until we are on our way.

The photos are from ArcLight Hollywood, where we have seen some excellent movies, movies we read about that aren’t playing anywhere else. While it shows blockbuster movies, its niche is as an art house theater. The lobby is big enough for displays and memorabilia. First up in the photos is Halloween….they built a house in the lobby for Michael Myers, and the clothing is from the movie. Ditto with the Freddie Mercury display from Bohemian Rhapsody…the clothing you see was actually worn in the film. There is a floor-to-ceiling screen for movie previews in the lobby that changes constantly, and Eddie Redmayne was up when we snapped the photo. The last two photos are part of an art installation in the lobby. We got very close to the images and couldn’t believe it….Dennis Hopper and Frank Sinatra are depicted with newsprint cut to “draw” their faces, along with just a few swipes of black ink. (The newsprint consists of articles about each actor or artist.) Incredible!