Day 352 of Traveling the World, Ile des Pins, New Caledonia. January 18, 2019.

Do you see them in the first four pictures? The pine trees? That is the name of the island, after all…Pine Island. Its nickname, like so many tropical places, is the island closest to paradise. This place is stunning, with water that layers into many shades of blue. And the pictures today are all beaches and ocean, as that is all there is. There wasn’t a city here, or a single retail store. There were a few tables with local goods being sold, and a woman advertised hair braiding, but that was the extent of any commerce offered. And, as the ship’s location guide reminded us, the restrooms are “rustic.” We are just here to enjoy the local water sports…swimming, snorkeling, and diving. There is a road with beaches on either side. The beaches were dotted with trees, pine and palm among them, and driftwood. Other than bliss, this is it. Enjoy the photos!