Day 353 of Traveling the World, Easo, Lifou Island, New Caledonia. January 19, 2019.

Gorgeous! We feel so lucky to have visited so many places in the South Pacific, all tropical, warm, white beaches, coastal coconut trees, and water that changes color 20 times as it deepens out toward the larger ocean. The lagoon was actually turquoise here, and looked like a swimming pool.

In the fourth photo is a dwelling, and yes, if you look closely at the left side, that is a coconut tree growing OUT of the house! In the next photo, the area is exactly the same as the rest of the beach, but since someone put up a “Camping” sign, you have to pay to stay there! There is a photo of another home with a sign out front saying Tapaka. This is the last name of the family, but in the local language means a drop of rain.

We liked the sign for the Open Bar (notice that both it and the sign in the last photo are written over advertising, as the sign board was a carton in its previous life), and stopped in for a Diet Coke. The bar doesn’t provide peanuts, snacks, napkins, or even glasses. After paying your $4, you are given a cold can of soda. Beers are a dollar more, and that is all you get…a cold bottle. They provide a deck with chairs and views of the lagoon, however, so what’s not to like? And when the cruise ship leaves, they close for the day. The deck had a very friendly pub feeling. On the deck was the ad for Kick soda, and as you can see, there are two new parfums. Even though this does translate as “perfumes,” we assume it actually means flavors. The final photo, a sign on a coconut tree, brought smiles because the writer kept running out of room on the right side of the sign! But we appreciated that they want to keep the island, and the beach, as pristine as they can.